A love for drumming commenced at the early age of two for Jay Riehl; kickstarting his impressive music and producing career. Jay’s Grandmother Adela, a lifelong musician, nurtured Jay’s musical ambitions and encouraged him to expand his interests to a multitude of genres.  Jay’s impressive percussion playing and vocals are complimented by his vast knowledge of producing, and led to the creation of his successful recording studio in Stratford, Ontario called “The Swamp.” During that time Jay was awarded 5 Gold and 5 Platinum Status Records.

In addition to making records and touring globally, Jay has worked with Justin Bieber, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, Brian Dennehy, Tommy Hunter, Steven Page, The Stratford Festival, Discovery Channel, Bravo, Paul Gross, Simon Callow, Hotel California, The Creators, djkillers, John Landry, Jim Witter and Farmer's Daughter, to name only a few.  Jay currently produces everything from jingles, post production and demos, to radio friendly records. Jay has recently opened "The Coop Productions", a  full service video capture and editing company.

Drums are all pumped through 2 PreSonus FireStudio Projects.  Kik Microphone is a Shure Beta 52. Snare and Toms have Shure 57’s on top with an Audix 5, wired out of phase. Hats are covered by a Beyerdynamic MC 930 Condenser. Overheads are two RODES NT 3’s.  Room and vocal microphone Alesis GT MC 62 Tube.  


Vocal, bass, and acoustic chain consists of a PRO MPA Tube Pre Amp, into a UA 2-1176 compressor, into the APOGEE duet interface. Other than a little roll off here and there, there is NO EQ’ing into the box. 

Shure 57's On Tom's and Snare
beyerdynamic MC 930
Vocal, acoustic, bass and guitar cha
Shure Beta 52 Kick Microphone
RODES NT 3's for Overheads
Alesis GT AM 62 Tube
PreSonus FireStudio Project
Audix 5 under the snare